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Our Golf correspondent cards eight tracks in the southeastern Adirondacks
By Alex Shoumatoff
Adirondack Life, August 1996

"There are fifteen golf courses in the southeastern Adirondacks, and last summer I played eight of them. ...... Green Mansions was another one of these local nine-holers that had a special poignancy because we realized this could be the one time in our lives we were going to be playing them. It opened for business on May 1, 1931, as part of a popular Jewish summer resort that was a sort of North Country Grossinger's, and sponsored musical shows and summer stock."

"The track basically runs back and forth in a small, narrow valley with a stream running down the middle of it. When the brook has water in it you could be in it nine out of nine times, but this summer it was dry. This is a down-home family course. We teed off behind three generations: a grandmother, her son and a toddler."

"Gar was in love with the course. "I hope you're giving it a good rating," he said. He particularly got off on the eighth hole, a par three you drove from a tee high up in the woods to an elevated green that was like a Mayan mound. Green Mansions was a fader's course except for number four, whose corner I cut with a surgical slice, not realizing that the brook also veered right. Ignorance is bliss."

"We looked back at the course and for a moment the golfers all seemed frozen on the fairways like deer in a meadow. Each player was on his or her own time-space plane, caught up in their own drama. My eyes lingered on this tableau of humanity at play, this Brueghel. Golf is still waiting for a Brueghel, to do what the artist did for the skaters of sixteenth-century Flanders."

"Gar shot a forty-one and I a forty, and not wanting to push our luck, we didn't go around again."

Adirondack Life magazine, August 1996

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